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8:01pm 11-22-2016
Hi did you know there is a re enacting group in the south east called south east forward to victory which also only does domestic ww2 home sittingbourne Kent there is an 1940 museum which is a domestic house.concentrating only on the domestic home front.
10:11pm 11-11-2016
Hi We are interested in the 1940s homefront and we have various outfits non military and are interested in joining a group we live in Oxfordshire and cannot find any such group. We have been to various 1940s weekend and days which we have enjoyed and want to take it a step further can you help in any way.
1:44pm 09-10-2016
I would like to cancel a payment made on my account for £49 on 5th Sep. from HomeFront which I did not authorize - it read is this the same company ? Because it is saturday I can't contact my bank to investigate but I shall be on it Monday for sure- I know I did not request anything from HomeFront. thanks
6:37pm 08-21-2016
Your email address does not work
8:41pm 06-12-2016
Hi Ian, I will send you an email. I met Cheryl at Ironbridge and she suggested i contact your group.
I have been doing re-enacting for some years, but I need a more local group.
I live in Stoke on Trent
I have various uniform and various articles for display.
Nurse - General/Red Cross/Navy
Naval Officer - Superintendent - No.1, No.2 uniform
Many thanks Val
10:40am 08-19-2015
Welcome to the UKHomefront guest book, be honest let us know what you think of it.